Nursing Home Vale of Glamorgan

Milsom House Nursing Home Vale of Glamorgan is now a member of The Manor House  family of Nursing Home Vale of Glamorgan. It shares the same excellent reputation for quality care that the The Manor House Nursing Home has held since 1982.


Following a period of extensive restoration and improvement Milsom House Nursing Home Vale of Glamorgan is now a light and airy  home for up to 39 residents. It  provides a positive , cheerful environment in which our residents can maximise and maintain a sense of well being.

Milsom House Nursing Home in the Vale of Glamorgan is currently registered with CSSIW in the following categories:

  • Personal Care Home for older persons
  • Nursing Care for older and younger persons, including Physical Disability and Palliative Care
  • Milsom House is not currently registered as an EMI unit
  • Nursing HomeVale of Glamorgan

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